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Top 5 Best Antivirus for Android [Paid]-1

Are you having viruses, Trojans and spyware with your Android phone? These are the three kinds of malware that are giving mobile phone users the most anxiety nowadays. But be not worried there are now various Android Anti Viruses that can be downloaded or installed right into your mobile device to protect it against these different malware problems.

The Android mobile phone platform can boast of its built-in market where their mobile phone users may install various applications. In order to be free from these untoward viruses for your mobile phone you must have the right and effective antivirus to kill all of the malware.

Here are great Android Anti Viruses to help you out fight and kill viruses that might affect your Android mobile phone. Installing them into your Android phone will allow you to be free from these viruses that are very rampant today.

1. Perfect App Protector Pro

This Android phone antivirus is called the “Perfect Applock”. This is because it is a very reliable security measure for your mobile phone apps. One of the best top five Android Anti viruses that allows you to protect any applications you desire using a passcode: Email, pictures, SMS, Camera and any other apps that you want.

This is an anti virus that features Apps to be locked and can boosts of its screen filter supports.  Together with its good rotation lock supports as well as its USB lock supports that are needed when installing anti viruses in any mobile phone. And lastly it takes pride in its pattern password support.

In its recent changes there are big features added to the above mentioned features like in the mobile phone screen filter there is an adjustment in its brightness that was added. There was addition of widget support and there is an improvement in Android phone’s performance. And lastly it provides upgrade on the performance of the phone’s battery.

There is a need for service restart when the upgrade is finished. This perfect Applock do not support small screened mobile phone such as HTC wildfire. Perfect App Protector Pro

2.   Antivirus Trial to Pro Plug-in

This is a perfect antivirus because this plug-in will really encourage the pro Anti-Virus trial into permanent license application. This is not an only one stand application which means that you still need other Anti-virus protection program to be installed.

This Antivirus is just a trial only into Pro-plug-in from AVG Mobile application. And this will activate the pro trial Anti Virus into permanent license. Visit Antivirus Trial to Pro Plug-in

Visit Top 5 Best Antivirus for Android [Paid]-2

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