How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Superboot!

Presenting – Superboot!
The custom boot details were first found on the MoDaCo Forums and has complete commands on the application of the Superboot.
When extracting and downloading the image file of Superboot, the device Galaxy Nexus must have to be at the mode of bootloader. When you have done this and work the Superboot file you will then be given rights of administrator for the Galaxy Nexus- plain!
The quick work of O’Brien is good news to the community mode, which proves that the Ice Cream Sandwich the succeeding model of Android that is not much harder to repair than the versions previously on mobile OS of Google.
This Superboot has the boot.img which when booted can root your handset the initial time you boot (install the superuser and the su APK). There is now writing in excess carried ROM in your handset, no need to have any partitions flashed, no need to mess around with ADB, and no messing with the data partition contents, but just by booting the image employing the below commands ad you are finished!

-Superboot r l – DOWNLOAD

MD5 : l e 988380d12fa3a4cc3e9db975e96b27

This image of Superboot is ‘insecure’ too permitting you to employ ‘adb remount’ and have the root access SDB fully to your handset  up to the time as you reboot  just after working this method (it is not ADB non permanent as it is a ‘Fastboot boot’ and not a ‘fastboot flash’).

Windows, Linux and OS X –How to employ Superboot

  • You must have the .zip file Superboot downloaded above then extricate to a registry.
  • Then place your handset on the mode of bootloader – You need to turn off the device then turn it on having the buttons of  “volume up” and  “volume down” both clicked to go into the bootloader ( as seen on the below pic).
  • You have to double press- ‘install-windows -superboot-.bat’ –WINDOWS.
  • Then open the station window into the registry having the folders then write ‘x install- .chmod-l superboot’-mac.sh preceded ‘by-/install-superboot’-linux.sh’-MAC.
  • Then clear the window station to the registry including the folders and  then type -x install -chmod- -linux-superboot .sh’preceded to ‘superboot-.install -linux’.sh-LINUX

Take Note – When you are employing a retail Galaxy Nexus you will need to have the bootloader unlocked initially, employing ‘./fastboot-windows oem unlock’( or the proper model for your device). Note –the OEM unlock sequence will wipe your handset.

Just enjoy it!

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