10 Exciting Features of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Having ‘Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich’ Google is seeking to exceed Apple’s iOS 5. Its OS brings a more polished interface that is planned to work on the tablets and phones- no buttons hardware here. It has also Face Unlock for the purpose of unlocking the phone just by looking it, the Android Beam for data sharing among phones with a touch, and a new people application which unites social network and contacts. There is also the much improved camera application and much refined browser.

You can find some of the Google’s highlights delightful inventive Ice Cream Sandwich. Let’s us find the swift trip into the new best features of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

1.  Interface The initial outstanding improvement many will observe in case you turn to Ice Cream Sandwich is the much refined user interface. This latest UI absolutely relinquishes the standard physical buttons of Android (Back, Search, Home, Settings)in preference to the soft top keys for Home, back and recent Applications found at the screen bottom in the System bar. There are several more UI improvements which include the customizable favorite tray, refined gesture-based voyage (a demo live showing ways to delete old message threads by just swiping all off on the screen), and a new type face named Roboto. You can also find some necessary improved stock keyboard Android with the addition of the latest checker speller and a skillful word suggestion box.

With the new outstanding enhancements of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich you can say that this phone is on its way to exceed iOS 5 of Apple. And with the new and latest UI improvements that the owners or users will really enjoy by using this Ice cream sandwich of Android. Truly this is the best Android phone that is out in the market.

2.   Face UnlockThe facial recognition has been around laptops for many years now, but Face unlock is the first time that this new technology has been adopted into tablet’s OS and in a smartphone. Its feature is very simple, you just have to register your face with the use of your device’s front facing camera and unlock it by holding the camera up to your face. If you are not a registered user, the device will not unlock.

3.     Improved MultitaskingThe Ice Cream Sandwich gives a more multitasking visual experience than the Gingerbread. The new button recent applications found in the System bar allow you to easily go from one application to the other.  When touched, the button will bring up a thumbnail list of your recent applications. Touch on the thumbnail to swipe the app, to open the app to the right or left to eliminate it from the list.

4.     Better Web BrowsingIce Cream Sandwich new browser provides a greater interface than that is found on the Google’s Chrome desktop model, right into the shape of the windows tabs. With the Ice Cream Sandwich corrected multitasking, the new browser allows you to open up 16 new browser tabs all at once, to provide preview live of each of them.  You can sync bookmarks from your chrome account Google with the latest browser. In case you are tired looking at the mobile versions of your popular websites, you will be happy to know that the new browser provides you with the opening option for the full desktop models of any websites out there. Offline reading allows users to save specific web pages for reading in case of no available active connection of Internet. Not only corrected features but ice Cream Sandwich web browser is also very fast than its previous models.

5.     Calender EnhancementsWhen you are accustomed to the calendar of previous Android, you are aware of its deficiency. In order to resolved that Google has upgraded the application to be integrated with other applications. Like for example, if you are using facebook you can get the application permission to integrate with your calendar .Or better yet, the calendar allows you to use the OS ‘zoom’ feature to provide for an extension view of your events. No more looking at one or two lines to figure out what you have planned for the day. Just move in quick and you will get whole view of your events. Touch the screen to return to normal mode.

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