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Check and Monitor 3G Data Usage on Android Mobiles

3G Watchdog App

There are different types of mobile network are found in our country which are actively working. Different data are used in the Android phone which gives us more facilities and we can use them to develop our lifestyle. But those networks always try to limit us to use the data. If you reach or cross the maximum limit then the network system get more charges when you use them.

If you want to use the in your Android phone then you keep monitor 3G data. The using procedure of the 3G data is given below.

  • Firstly you need to download the 3G Watchdogs from the internet and install it in your phone according to maintain the data plan.
  • For this you set a quota in your application to realize the maximum uses of the applications. You can setup op in daily, weekly or yearly basis.
  • When you complete the collection of data then you find a screen sheet on your desktop which indicates the amount of data. For indicate that you can set alert tone also.
  • Some notifications are also noticed in the notification bar which indicates the times of reaching near the quota by showing its color.
  • When the applications uses is overtake the limit then an option of 3G automatically preview on the screen by which you can check the applications.
  • You can see the traffic of the data in CVS format.
  • If you want hen share the data by scanning which is not installed in the SD card.

The features of the 3G Watchdog is so simple. If you want then start a tab for using mobile internet in your phone. You can easily set the internet data quota and helps to maintain the awareness of the uses pattern. By this system you can enable or disable the 3G network automatically and get the alert tone also. You can import anything by CVS format and also see the traffic history.

Some problems are also found in it. You cannot use the applications which are accurate or inaccurate. Inaccuracy reports are solved by the use of 3GW 0.28.2. This inaccuracy reports make disturbing the other applications.

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