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Android Phones supports many fascinating Applications but what most annoys a user is the Default Internet browser which comes in android based phones. Very large number of user today have been stuck to the Android’s older version 2.1 which comes with the incompatibility of viewing flash files. So some popular Web Browsing firms launched their famous Browsers, Android capable; which flawlessly provide smooth streaming of websites and other multi-tasks.

Some of the most Popular Android phone browser’s available are:-

Opera Mini Web Browser:- Opera is the most trusted brand in the web browsing world of mobiles and it became very popular when they launched it for Android smartphones too. Opera has launched many specific versions for android users like old android version users can use Opera 6.1 and users having latest versions of Android can go with Opera 11. Users are advised to get this browser either form Android Market or from Opera’s Official site.

Opera provides the fastest browsing, when using from mobile and its compression capability of web pages makes it even faster in streaming websites.

It is very cost effective as it uses web page compression technology so data transfer rate becomes less and user saves money.

Multi-tab viewing makes it more attractive and its user-friendly interface looks even better than others.

Dolphin Browser HD :-  Mobo Tap Inc. came up with this full-featured Android browser which is not as fast as Opera is but its browsing experience is far better than Opera. It’s most unique feature is that it allows the full-featured Web browsing experience which feels as you are browsing in PC. It was primarily launched for Androids 2.0.1 + versions which make it very easy to install almost on very version of Android.

  • Users can download it from Android Market or from its official site.
  • SkyFire Web Browser 4.0 :- Sky Fire Labs Inc. launched this browser which in no time has been ranked 2ndby every popular gadget review sites. It’s comes with some special web browsing features which makes it invincible choice for users supporting lower versions of Android. It has the video-flash supportive capability which is just beyond to comment upon Being very light is size its permanent license is also for just $3.Get it from a trusted source like Android Market or Sky fire’s website featuring version 4.1.0.
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