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Power management for the Honeycomb tablets

The modern day Android smart phones and tablets come with mind blowing great features. These features make the Android devices better than any other devices of that kind. Those features include Wi-Fi, GPS, app support and many more. These facilities make us use the devices more and that leads to less battery life. The Honeycomb tablets are the best tablets available and they come with some great features that make the experience better for you. This is the reason why these tablets tend to power out soon. We end up charging it more than once a day. That’s not something recommended for the batter. The uses of social networking sites and YouTube have increased a lot in last few years. These tablets support these facilities and you end up using them more than normal.It’s very important to save battery life and not to charge it more than once a day. These things will increase the over all battery life your tablet. Saving battery life and using it for a longer time is actually easy in Honeycomb tablets. You just need to keep some basic things in mind and use the proper tools. Let me tell you how you can manage power of these tablets.

Procedure to increase battery life in Honeycomb tablets

  • Find the Apps option on your home screen and select it. From the new options, select Settings. Choose the About tablet option now.
  • Find the select the Battery usage option. You will find detailed information about apps and features, of your Honeycomb tablets, which are using the battery power. You can find out which app or features are using what amount of battery power.
  • You will see that the display screen of your tablet is using most of the battery power. Controlling that is actually easy. You just need to lower the brightness of the screen. It will not decrease the display quality but it will surely save a lot of battery life. Lower down the screen timeout time to save more battery power.
  • Many of the apps and accounts of your Honeycomb tablets continue to sync even when you don’t need it to. That burns a lot of battery power and so you must turn of auto sync for apps and accounts that are not needed.
  • Once you do that, you must remember to sync or update those accounts and apps at least once a week. Honeycomb tablets can work better with updated programs.
  • There are many programs that continue to run in the background even when you don’t use them. Find out which programs are running unnecessarily on your tablet and close them.
  • Your Honeycomb tablets surely come with Wi-Fi facility and its no wonder that you use that a lot. Wi-Fi allows you first wireless networking. The problem with Wi-Fi is that it doesn’t turn off itself even when you are not using it. Wi-Fi tends to search for networks and that burns a lot of battery. Turn it of when you don’t need it.

A restricted use will work best for saving battery in Honeycomb tablets.

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