Updating Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 with Extra Ordinary ROM v 3.2 [How to]

Do you want to get the Extraordinary ROM v 3.2 and have an updated Samsung Galaxy S GT 19000? If so just follow the instructions in updating the device which will be doing pre-upgrade instructions, enhancement that is included in the version and then the actual procedure to update with the Extraordinary ROM v 3.2 which is also the Gingerbread 2.3.4 based ROM.

But when you are in the process rooting your mobile phone this will be losing the warranty but you can easily revoke it and then you can reclaim the lost warranty. But take precaution that this update is good only for those phones with the model number Samsung Galaxy S GT19000 and cannot be done in similar looking models.

Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 Rom Update

Here are the pre requisites before updating Samsung Galaxy S GT 19000 with Extra Ordinary 3.2 ROM:

  1. First you have to ensure that all your contacts with your goggle account, applications, all sms, videos and music files have been synced and everything that are in your mobile phone must have a backup otherwise all the data may be lost. All that is in the SD will not be lost.
  2. You must create a backup of all internet APN setting with the MMS settings to allow configuration after the update. This is because there is a possibility that they will be wiped off completely if the update is done.
  3. Then you must remove the SIM card and the SD cards in your Samsung Galaxy S GT 19000 so that it will not get corrupted.
  4. Be very sure that the power left in your device has more than ½ of the battery power left.
  5. Be sure that your mobile phone is the Samsung Galaxy S GT 19000 and not any other model of a device.
  6. When you have rooted your phone than the firmware update you must upgrade it again. Then you have to un root it again in order to revoke the rooting access.

The enhancements in Extraordinary ROM 3.2 version:
You can enjoy sleeker and faster overall interface in using the ROM.
When you press the power key there will come out options such as Silent Mode, Data network mode, Power off, Reboot, Flight mode, recovery and the download option.
The phone provides a solid battery life for one day but be sure that you have charge your battery to 100% before updating with the firmware.
Other enhancements that you will enjoy are the Galaxy S2 camera, different screen lock options, battery history app, preloaded Flash 10.3 player, Titanium backup application and also the new TW Launcher which are attention grabbers.

You will surely enjoy an downloads that are error free just after updating using this version as users were complaining with the slower internet speeds from Android market place.

Procedure to follow in installing Extra Ordinary v 3.2 ROM:

  1. As you start you must ensure that you have updating the Galaxy S with XXJVQ2.3.4 firmware and ensure that you have rooted XXJVQ 2.3.4 Firmware.
  2. After you have done those two instructions just download the Extraordinary ROM v 3.2. in your phone’s SD card. Be sure that you have not renamed any file name it might not work in your Galaxy S.
  3. After placing this firmware zip file of Extraordinary v 3.2 ROM then open the clock  work mod option then choose the apply update zip option.
  4. Then select zip file that you have placed in your phone a couple of steps back. If you choose this file then the installation process will be staring after you have selected the same.
  5. When the ROM is successfully applied the device will be rebooted, then the language preferences followed by Gmail account settings will be ready for you. You just have to follow the on the screen instructions to proceed as you enjoy the new ROM in your phone.
  6. For additional convenience some screen shots that will have new Rom looks in your Galaxy S.

Just follow the above instructions in order to have an updated Samsung Galaxy S GT 19000 and you will surely have an enjoyable and faster overall interface.

Download ExtraOrdinaryRom V3.2

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  1. Fahim says:

    Where is the download link ? Can someone help me in providing the link to download the rom. I am waiting.

  2. Guru says:

    Did not work. installation aborted :(

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