How To Install Android on HP TouchPad – Complete Guide

With the help of the hardworking team of manufacturers you can now install a new and complete OS on your HP TouchPad. The team is known as the “Cyanogen Mod” which is behind the ROM Android has distributed the first initial make of a full-functioning port Android for the TouchPad transforming it into a tablet that used to run on a custom OS into the greatly powerful device Android in the entire world.

HP has confirmed already that anybody trifling on their TouchPad with Android will devoid their securities automatically, which means that in case you have rend the device by attempting for  Android installation,  that HP will not give you back a replacement. This will mean that you have lost your cheap and good device.

The program is still in its early positions, and it is not HP supported, but it is strongly built; the great selection of the TouchPad’s different functions will work alright into Android, but in case something goes erroneous it will immediately retrieve your TouchPad by the help of HP’s WebOS Doctor’s software.

When you install Android it also allows you to access a great multitude of program that is not yet available for Web OS like Google Maps, Gmail, Marvel Comics, Google Books and many more.

Do not have to relinquish WebOS up also, its installer given by the team Cyanogen Mod permits the TouchPad to start in the Android or WebOS, which means that you can have the better of these two worlds.

You must decide to assess the chance involved, but if you cannot live not having your TouchPad then do not try installing Android. But if you are willing to take the risk, then follow the guide.

TouchPad Preparation

  • Just before leaping in to the Android way, it will be good for your device to keep housekeeping tasks on your own TouchPad to have a smoother installation as much as possible.
  • The initial thing to do is to have the battery charged. It is better if your battery is fully charged before installing Android. This is because keeping it fully charged will lessen the risk in making your tablet run out of battery when it is still in the process.
  • Even while it is still charging just proceed in the menu Settings and select “System Updates.” The HP has just distributed WebOS 2.0.4 that brings some needed improvements in speed into the platform – wherein the update installation after the Android breaks the functionality of dual boot.
  •  And lastly, you need to back up everything that needs to be backed up. The installation process of Android is probably not destructive, but it involves partitions resizing and does not end well always. In case you end up using WebOS Doctor, you will absolutely lose your files also- so there is a need to make everything you need to be safely stored away.

Files Download

In order to have your Touch Pad get the Android you need some software on your desktop and your laptop.

The initial thing that you will have to get is the copy of Novacom, HP debugging utility for webOS. This can be found on HP’s SDK download site for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

It is not necessary to download the whole SDK, only the Novacom package. You have to install the software and you will be going in to the next step readily.

This Android installer for TouchPad is divided along many multiple files: CyanagogenMod 7.1.0 is the Android ROM itself, ACMEInstaller is the Novacom image for having Android in the TouchPad. ClockworkMod Recovery is an instrument for the Android upgrade if it is installed; and MoBoot is the software that permits you to select to boot back into the WebOS if you have to.

The files are positively small with the big being CyanogenMod at around 90MB. All the files can be seen by proceeding over to the project page on RootzWiki and moving down into the section of ?Downloads’.

It is also highly recommended for you to download ?Gapps’ package although not necessary. This is a collection of the official apps Google such as Gmail, Talk, Maps and that gives access to the Market Google. You can see the Gapps Archive at the CynogenMod distribution page.

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