Replace Your Keys With Your Phone with Lockitron Android App

Do you want to join the contest in replacing all of the functional accessories in mobile applications? Lockitron is presenting a lock control solution key-free for all iPhone, Blackberry and Android that has the capability for loads of apps like allowing people into your own home whereas you went away for a holiday and to in signaling a friend by buzzing without any effort at all.Having to utilize a system of ‘mobile keys’ announces with a little device hardware combined to the router of the internet user that in return interacts with the doors, either with the use of the elective NFC tag which the user will do onto a lock manually. When in case your specified door is not consistent with Lockitron, then the company is giving ‘self install kits’ which provides you with a hardware needed to unlock doors from anywhere.

Substitute your keys along your phone

Employ your phone to have your home unlocked, rental or business from any place in the world. Immediately share practical keys with friends, guests and family. Watch the demo of 1 minute at last of the article.

Let friends and family in when you are not present there

Allow guests into your house along the beach while you are on vacation and provide transient access for contractors in the office or let families and friends buzz themselves into your party with no hassle of keys for your main door.

All smartphone that are enabled internet may use Lockitron.  You need to activate your feature of text message to permit the mobile phone to employ Lockitron via text messages.

Works with almost all doors:

Lockitron is working by transferring a signal along your phone via our servers to a small handset that into your router internet. This will talk to your door in turn asking it to unlock or lock.

Lockitron is matching with the popular styles of lock.  You can then order a Self-Install kit Lockitron for the through-the hole-deadbolt, door handle or door knob. There are various finishes to better match your latest hardware.

Verify if your door is in matched with a Self-Install Kit Lockitron

When you own a Nexus S, you can unlock or lock your Lockitron enabled door by just waving your smart phone over the NFC tag along the unsettled release of the traditional Application Android.

For users of NFC-enabled mobile phones (like the upcoming Galaxy nexus or the Nexus S) using a mobile key to unlock a door is simply like holding on to your phone. The mobile phone users can send also mobile keys for others through SMS permitting them to have doors unlocked for a certain time period with the permission of the owner.

Price of $ 295 and compared to some other solutions Lockitron is very low priced. But the system is not accessible yet to all the consumers. This also includes some excellent functionality making it easier to control your locks from about any place, permitting you to have the door opened for some visitors with no hassle like standing up and turn the door knob every time a visitor comes in.

See the 1 minute demo

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