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The Writepad – The developer company behind this recognized handwriting on tablets, phones and stylish enabled devices Android has the additional improvement unto their recognized overall abilities. You will find that this really comes very handy in the Android tablet, most especially around the framework of specified tasks or applications.


This has 4 languages in the State-of-the-art handwriting recognition software.

The latest input procedure for OS Android that aims to substitute the keyboard onscreen with PhatWare handwriting technology recognition that is very much proven to be useful for input text on any application in Android.  This is also very useful for all tablets in Android like the Galaxy Tab Samsung and the phones Android like the Droid Motorola and many more.

WritePad boasts of its great features of the handwriting recognized technology in 4th generation that is supporting any handwriting style and patterns practically which includes print, cursive (script) and mixed. The software really interprets strokes of the pen that is written at the WritePad area designated, and then transforms these strokes pen into text and sends these recognized texts in to the target app. However various recognized handwriting tools for tablets and phones may let users to be frustrated with the application’s disability to interpret correctly their handwriting, the WritePad handwriting recognition state of the art software will learn and adopt the style of writing of the users.

WritePad Key features:

  • There is integration with the app permitting input text like SMS, notes, e-mail, word processing and many more.
  • Analyzes statistically that improves the overall recognition handwriting quality by verifying usual recognition problems. When this feature is activated WritePad will surely learn the handwriting style of the users.
  • Customizable auto-correction that fixes common recognized errors and spelling.
  • Has edited user dictionary to improve the recognition of the custom names and words not yet added in the directory main.
  • Has full keyboard built-in with auto complete, when needed, users may switch along the handwriting and the keyboard by just using a single button touch.
  • Has four recognition basic modes- mixed/cursive or print for general entry text;  Internet or entering addresses in email and URLs and Numeric for entering phone numbers and numbers.
  • Enables users to be able to write equations simply like ’22.3+15.66’ because of the built-in calculator as well as the WritePad that will have the result calculation.

App Screenshots


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