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For Power Users and Casual List Makers!

The Astrid main purpose is to delight all of those who wish to have a simple checklist and hard core life hackers dedicated to a GTD workflow. Let us find out why several users agree that Astrid is the best and great list to perform for Android.

Todoroo Inc -Astrid To-Do

Are you having trouble in keeping your everyday life in orderly direction? Do you really like to go solo rather than working in a group? You must be ready to fall for in the Todoroo Inc. Astrid –To-Do. very famous Android source open to perform list and a recently task manager made available just of iOS. And this Astrid-To-Do is simply great to use while it is to -perform list a multiplatform that is available to sync with only Android’s website and its lists are shareable through Twitter, email and Facebook. You must throw a nice octopus a-like mascot (‘Astrid’ which in a way is the Scandinavian name which means ‘divine strength’) and this application is really a winner. Having more than downloads of 2.5 million on Android and the possibility on the little savvy octopus is great and the users of iOS will never be disappointed.

Features of Astrid:

  1. Astrid. Com Sync (Free assign tasks and lists way share)
  2. Google Tasks Sync ( With latest official API)
  3. Producteev.com Syncs
  4. Reminders Super Fun
  5. Custom Filters

You must try Astrid and see why it was:

  • No. 1 Android  Networks Awards Application of Productivity
  • Lifehacker.Com Best Android
  • Mashable.com Best  Android
  • Giga.Om.com Best Android
  • Engadnet.com Best Android
  • Having over 20,000 Downloaded over 2 million times ratings of 5 stars!

Astrid Creates List Sharing very easy!

Couples and Households

  • Make a shopping list shared
  • Place some errors and chores that wanted to do
  • Make a summer vacation packing list!

Teams Work

  • Action items sharing  just after a meeting
  • Office chores set up
  • Thinks of some little tasks to improve workspace


  • Will coordinate an event that you are planning
  • Will challenge each other to eat healthier or go running
  • Will get help for a long standing project


Having add- on Local Astrid and the Locale can advise you easily based on your place of location.

Having the Power-Pack you will have the add tasks through voice (Android 2.1 & greater) and the 4 x 3, 4 x 4 and 4 x 2 widgets as well as voice reminders!

The Astrid To-Do does only one thing but it does it extremely well. Just after downloading the free application Astrid To-Do offers methods two log making enable list sharing – create an Astrid account or connect with Facebook. Tasks adding are very simple which can be achieved by just by activating the device’s mic iOS to dictate whatever errand or chore or an appointment that you wish. When the task is saved additional details can be tackled on like the inviting of advice or support from friends through Facebook, email or Twitter and priority assignment into a list that the task falls under. The preset color code is very much available for each and every task in accordance to the Astrid pre-made lists. Any task can be made completely private or shared with a selected group or public.

Designating shared projects can be made easier and better with Astrid To-Do by sending comments and tasks updates to group members instantly. Every group project will make a latest list having all the authorized comments and tasks organized under it.  The list can be synced easily to Astrid. Com on the computer creating the to-do list much more accessible for everyone. Either the organizing a family picnic or the complementing  a college project, the Astrid To-Do keeps on top every tasks that needs to be completed.

There are many things to like about the Astrid To-Do which are more entertaining, interesting as well as useful the native Notes application. Added in the social aspects of Networking and you are now ready to become a professional event’s organizer even when the events that you will manage are all yours!

Application Screenshot


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