Top 5 Siri Alternatives Android Apps

The iPhone 4S has been newly released lately and the most important features that got the most observation was the latest voice personal assistant named SIRI. This is an excellent feature having the capability to convert your words in action then this can be used to do almost all of the works on to your iPhone 4S. However what will you do in case you are having an Android phone and wish to have the Siri for personal assistant voice?

Siri was the most intensified features of the newly set iPhone 4S. This is the latest app for voice assistance for iPhone. There are several great Siri Android Alternatives available readily in the Market Android and several of these are free of charge also.

There is a list of the 5 Excllent Aleternatives SIRI in Android devices that will allow you to have the benefits of Siri such Personal Assistant voice in your Android device. However you must remember that these instruments may only provide some Siri features in your Android devices and not all of these are not entire and as great as Siri.

Google Voice Search
The Google Voice Search is an application along Google that may be used to perform a quick search in the web, your device and near locations by just speaking into it. It will be getting directions, calling your contacts, controlling your device with Voice Actions and getting directions are all possible.
You can download Google Voice Search from the android market.

The Edwin is one of the great Android assistant voice app that may be employed for texting, tweeting, convert and convert, translating and others.  You can have the capability to texting, perform some other works using the application and perform calls. To do this you must use the application you are requested to install TTS Extended applications and SpeechSynthesis.

You can install the Siri Alternative EDWIN from the Android Market !


The VLingo is the most popular voice based application. This is your Virtual Assistant and you may do tasks as easily and quickly by talking to Vlingo. You are given the capability to perform several tasks by simply employing Vlingo like updating status at facebook, voice calling, the Web searhing, sending an SMS, launching an application, getting directions and many more.
The Vlingo Assitant Virtual is the voice-powered Assistant Virtual on Android.  Many will be thrilled with both the way this app works and looks. This Vlingo performs almost all it is requested to with no effort at all.

You must install the Vlingo Assistant Virtual from Android Market .

Speaktoit Assistant
The Speaktoit Assistant, a free application for Android device. This is a associate virtual for your phone and utilizes language technology naturally for finding information, for answering to questions, for connecting with several web social services like Facebook, Twitter, Google & Foursquare etc., launching applications as well as searching for information. The Speaktoit Assistant really answers questions.
This is an application which is another alternative Siri for Android that really works. Having the name, image and everything Speaktoit Assistant provides you with a real and great impression.

You can introduce ‘Speaktoit Assistant’ along the Android Market

The Iris just the Siri in the reverse and the attempt to duplicate or just to improve the assistant voice app for iPhone named Siri. This app performs everything that you forecast this to do such as searchthe web, making calls, send text and so forth.  Iris can boasts of the ice Cream Sandwich inspired Android 4.0 UI.
The Iris is another voice assistant that is in beta still. This was inspired along the iPhone feature Siri. Iris really interacts with you by voice!

You can install the Siri Alternative along the Android Market.

You will find that all of these applications are free.The consolidation of all of these applications can be used to have the best benefit of assistant voice on your Android device!

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