S Memo Stylus – A Complete Review of Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note has come now as the recent release of Samsung for all its users and fans. This new release also includes an innovative S Pen, that could be used as the “stylus” like an input instrument for creating text and media, which was absent earlier for the purpose of  swiping as well as touch interfaces.

As of now we will be looking at all the aspect of the very S Pen closely which is an accessory that comes along with the Samsung Note.

User will be able to make notes as well as memos much more conveniently using the S Pen, using the Samsung’s sole application named S Memo.S Memo comes incorporated in the TouchWiz, whose icon occurs in every homescreens together with Application drawer.

Here are various methods of launching S Memo application via your Samsung device:

  • First, just tap S Memo icon present in either home screen else app drawer.
  • Second, hold onto the click option in S Pen, after that perform a speedy double tapping on screen.
  • Last, tap on any kind of note widget that is present on device’s screen.

In list of memos there are two options available henceforth you can make use of both the types.

  • text based memo
  • stylus based memo known as doodles

User can also assimilate the two methods of inputs given above to make a memo which incorporates the text as well as stylus inputs, which functions automatically via application.After this there exist various options to pick from for the purpose of inputs; that varies from different modes like grid mode, to graph mode, blank paper mode, lined mode, and even the exciting music note mode.

From the first time we knew that the memo is going to be an important aspect for all the users, those who “work” on their device. This memo application even includes a voice recorder that has been integrated in it which is a complete revolutionary step for the people of music industry and the writers.
Those Memos established using application can be easily arranged into folders, also can be locked to avoid random changes and deductions. Another great thing is that memos can be easily transferred from folder to folder.

The memo has four options for users to pick from which includes pen, brush, pencil else a highlighter. With this also exists some already existing colors, and so as the choice of bringing to the access of users the entire variety of colors. Even the size of brush can be changed letting one to make different manners and colors with convenience. Even the size of eraser can be changed. The undo, redo option makes quick changes possible in your memo.

All the users will be able to transfer images from gallery to be included in the very memo – allowing the same users for to be able to use snapshot, or just keeping notes of all the things they see.
If you are one who loves taking down notes, then for you it would be a useful device as it lets one to get hold of the environment by capturing it using camera, as well as keeping track of immediate changes and so as the comments in the memo, after that dropping it using several mediums of your contacts. This is no just elastic but the file formats which exist in JPEG that allows keeping a check on further devices with no hassle what so ever. If you wish you can even bring your notes in accord with Google Docs as well as save and keep them in cloud.

Besides all this there is one more amazing attribute of S Memo is that it can transform handwritten into text fromat, though this attribute requires a bit of sharpness and right technique on the behalf of user. Otherwise casual actions would be difficult to record – nonetheless this could be achieved with practice. Though it is amazing but would be effort taking for the users.

Analyzing it from top to bottom I conclude that S Memo application which is an interesting change to Galaxy Note. Also for me the idea of doing everything and anything using this device is amazing. This can help people with different needs like as:

  • All those who work with PowerPoints, Tally, Exceks like businessmen & industrialists
  • For all those fans of Photoshop like designers, illustrators
  • Those who are sucker for Writing , keep creating every now and then would use this device for to pen down all the thoughts as and when they come
  • Whether it is writing lyrics, recording a fresh song tune or a complete new song this could be the next best purchase for the musicians and artists.
  • For the designers from fashion industry, for whom this device would prove helpful as they require taking samples from here and there.
  • For students who need quick and easy notes and memos.
  • Simply for those who like some attention other than cool stuffs like facebook or google+ posts.

Having said so, I also believe that it would perform great for businessmen. After its release Note has received a great response from the business world demanding details on the device and especially at the time of release. One thing is definitely expected which is envy from the coworkers who would also wish to have the same device which allows writing text without anything to transfer.


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