How to Update Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray with Cyanogen 7.1 Firmware

The Xperia Ray from Sony Ericsson is featuring the newest Cyanogen 7.1, This Xperia Ray is promising to provide the most impressive tech while preserving its level of affordability.A little bit smaller than a Sony Ericsson products, this Xperia Ray phone is fitted with  a 3.3 inch FMVGA screen display which is the best highlight of this device,  The screen has resolution of 854 x 480 and is especially sharp  being near equivalent to the iPhone retina display. The screen is little but still serviceable to have the capability to employ an essential video player when in travel.

The system of the device is powered by Scorpion processor connected with an Adreno 205 GPU and great for gaming and flashing based video. However, the storage is only limited to 300 MB of internal memory, a 4GB micro card SD is added with the purchase,  with the good option to upgrade to 21 GB if needed

Here’s how to upgrade your Xperia Ray Sony Ericsson device.

Always remember to save your information. When you synchronized the mobile phone with the account of Google and then the calendar, Gmail, contacts and other Google info will be found and will return just preceding the synchronization. But you must save everything you wish to retain which is not saved on the Card SD:

  •     MMS/SMS Messages
  •     Call Log
  •     Bookmarks
  •     Apps: employ File Manager Astro or the Backup Titanium for an example Click here
  •     Any app info that is not included the Card SD.

It is a great idea to save everything stored in the Card SD on some instance the Card SD may be patterned to answer any issues.

Bootloader Unlocking

Warning: Unlocking the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray’s bootloader will void the warranty.

  • You will have to fast boot in the PC and unlock the boot loader of the Xperia Ray Sony Ericsson. Just follow the guide of the Android SDK to have the shell of fast boot on the PC.
  • Clear the Phone app & go *#06#. This will show the device IMEI, note it down because it may be necessary in the future.
  • The Xperia Ray Sony Ericsson must be powered off.
  • Hold & click the button Volume Up while joining the Xperia Ray Sony Ericsson to the PC.
  •  Then open the display and work the succeeding instructions on the PC:
fastboot -i 0x0fce getvar version
  • The step to make sure that the Xperia Ray Sony Ericsson is connected accurately & the drivers properly set up. If you have waited for device, thing may not be properly set up.
  • When all things are looking great, proceed here. After that and in this set you have to perform the following:
  • With this prompt, substitute the code unlock with the key, which was given previously.
  • The boot loader is not locked on the Xperia Ray Sony Ericsson. Keep on to the preceding section.

CyanogenMod Flashing

  • You need to download the newest model of Cyanogen Mod.

Optional: download the Google Apps on a handset.

  • Then separate the boot.img from the CyanogenMod update.zip and copy the same to the similar file as Fast boot (the folder tools with in the folder Android SDK).
  • Put the CyanogenMod update.zip file on the Card SD root.

Optional: Put the Google Apps .zip on the Card SD root also.

  • You need to not to connect the Xperia Ray Sony Ericsson along the PCand then put it off.
  • Click & grasp the button Volume Up while connecting the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray to the PC.
  • At the computer, display terminal and work the following instructions
fastboot -i 0xfce flash boot boot.img
fastboot -i 0xfce reboot
  • If the handset is restart click the Volume Rockers some times to start into the Recovery ClockworkMod.
  • If the handset starts into the Recovery ClockworkMod, employ the Volume Rockers side to turn along & the button Power to choose.

Optional: Choose backup up and restore to make a save of newest connection on the Xperia Ray Sony Ericsson.

  • Choose the Wipe data/factory reset’option
  • Then choose option in the Wipe cache partition.
  • Choose Install zip from sd card.
  • Choose Choose zip from sd card .
S fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x KEY
  • In this command, change the code unlock in Key which was provided previously.
  • Install CyanogenMod update.zip.

Optional- Connect the Apps Google by performing steps 7 – 9 again and selecting the Google Apps update.zip.

  • When the connection was done, select +++++Go Back+++++ to get back to the menu main, and choose the option Reboot system now. The Xperia Ray Sony Ericsson must boot now into CyanogenMod.
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