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5 Things You should know about Samsung Galaxy S II OS

The Samsung Galaxy S II phone is one of the best smart phones in market which offers great power, looks and a amazing operating experience with the Samsung Galaxy S II OS which is Android. You can customize the interface just the way you want and the amazing list of pre loaded apps makes it even better.

You will have 7 home screens to set accordingly with widgets, apps and wallpaper choices. If you long press the home screen then you will get a list of options to customize the home screen. This facility is not available in most of the Android OS of this age. Now lets look at the different aspects of the Samsung Galaxy S II OS.

Samsung Galaxy SII I9100Options for motion

There are many options to set for controlling the motion reactions of the OS.

  • When you are arranging the icons of the home interface, you can hold a specific icon and move the phone from right to left. It will enable panning of the icon.
  • When you want to silent an incoming call, turn the phone upside down and then turn it to the normal position again and it will silent the ring-tone.
  • When you are browsing the image gallery or the Android web browser, you can keep two fingers on the Samsung Galaxy S II OS screen and tilt the phone to zoom in-out the picture.
  • If you double tap the screen then the phone will be prepared for voice command automatically.

Monitoring programs

  • You can place a monitoring program on the Samsung Galaxy S II OS home screen to keep a count on the apps that are running and how much RAM they are using.
  • It will show you a list of active programs on you phone. You will see how much RAM they are using. The programs which are putting too much load will be marked with red color.
  • It will also show you a list for all the apps that you have downloaded. You will know how much memory they are taking. You can uninstall them from there too.
  • That program on the Samsung Galaxy S II OS screen will monitor your RAM and will show you how much RAM your programs are using. You can clear that accordingly.
  • It will also show you how much storage place is free for you to use. If it shows that there is a shortage of free space then you can uninstall unwanted apps.

Android Marketplace

  • Samsung Galaxy S II OS is Android and that allows you to visit the Android Marketplace and download as many apps as you want. Most of them are actually free.

Lock Screen

  • The lock screen of Samsung Galaxy S II OS is really beautiful. You will have to drag the lock icon to unlock it. The screen shows you the number of missed calls and unread messages too.

The above mentioned features are just some of the total number of facilities that Samsung Galaxy S II OS offers. The best way to discover them is to start using the Samsung Galaxy S II.

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