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Top Anti Spam SMS Apps for Android Devices

Anti Spam SMS Apps – with Auto Filter and Auto blocking  Features

Anti SPAM SMS blocker

Anti SPAM SMS Apps

Beware of spammers you might be victimized by one of them. You must be careful about many forms of internet scams. These spammers use the email of any one in sending junk messages and also the cell phones or mobile phones to an individual. The main purpose of these spammers is to get as much money or even products like gadgets from their victims. So you need to protect yourself from their guises, pretenses and disguises. Many have been victimized by spammers by sending messages that are junk into your cell phone. Some spam come in the form of messages even say that you won a certain prize and you need to claim it. But in claiming the supposed winning you are required to pay a certain amount. You need the best Anti SMs Spam Blocking App that will help you to block all of this spam.

These spammers are not only rampant in the United States, but in almost all countries around the world. Even in Europe, Asia as well as in North America and South America. It is also very rampant in Africa and Australia.  For this reasons manufacturers of mobile phones are trying their best to come up with something that will reduce this problem. They are creating an Anti SMS Spam Blocking App. It is not easy to be victimized by this spam and sometimes those that they victimized lose lots of money. And this is not good for everybody using mobile phones.

There are many Anti SMS spam blocking App that are being developed. And you have to select the best and the right one that works well with your mobile phone or cell phone. It is important that you must have a device to block these spam senders so that they will not use your mobile phone number in sending some messages that are junks.

Here are the lists of the best methods of Anti SMS Spam Blocking App that you can use to block SMS spam:

  1. Blacklist- This will identify the IP address of the spam sender then contact the Internet Service Provider to block the messages from the email..
  2. Spam votes-This software will work if there is participation on the part of the users. Placing a “spam” notice. Then if there are many that prove this it will be blocked from sending messages that are not good.
  3. Profiling-It is software that can identify spam in the form of bugs, invalid message IDs and it will evaluate incoming messages.
  4. Bayesian Filtering-.This is the technique that can scan the mail that you receive and compare those rejected.

The best and the most common Anti SMS Spam Blocking App is the Optinno which is the most advanced and very powerful SMS anti spam and SMS filterThis SMS blocker Optinno is the appropriate means to modify or block preferences according to the users desire and wants.

There are still other Anti SMS Spam Blocking App that can be bought and use that are also very effective in blocking spam.

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