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Brainlink Makes Your Toys into Android Devices

Are you ready to make your Roomba or Robosapier smarter? Yes you can make use of this hacker device that really connects home electronics along your Android laptop or smartphone.

Brainlink is the link controller that connects other IR devices and robots into Android devices through Bluetooth. You will be greatly surprised because the Brainlink features growing library of wonderful tools.

Brainlink is considered the new controller which allows you to make rich programs for home automaton as well as toy robots.  Programs that are run in the computers or some Android devices linked into the Brainlink through Bluetooth.  Then Brainlink controls the device or the robot having the use of Infrared signals, mimicking these signals of the device’s good remote control. The Auxiliary connectors permit you to be able to add great and new actuators and sensors into your device or robot.

Its controller will be attached into the robot and then relays the commands via its IR detector. This features the light accelerometer, ports for other sensors and sensor in order to add more capabilities.

The Roombas that is equipped with this can, for example, avoid hitting the wall of the proximity sensor is then added. Or better you can train Robosapien to find the best soda for you when you use the application object-recognition.

Aside from robots it is really great that you can also use the Brainlink to have the control your own TV with the use of your own voice, or just use your Android phone as a remote. This is really amazing and one cannot fathom its greatness!

These controllers have the Bluetooth range of around 30 feet and works wonderfully with Mac, Windows, Android and Linux.

BirdBrain Technologies, the spinoff from CMU recently began selling this Brainlink for $ 125. They are targeting home educators and hackers who like to add something far different for the electrical engineering class or the computer science.

For the student this remark might be a great excuse at all, ‘My robot have eaten my homework.’ You just check out Brainlink at the promo video below:

Specifications /Capabilities 

  •  Clone and capture many IR remotes from TVs, robots, DVD players, cable boxes and many more.
  • The pre-creation of libraries for Android-Java, Java and Processing (coming soon).
  • This is compatible along Mac, Linux, Android and Windows
  • More than a dozen example of computer programs and Android applications
  • The Auxiliary connectors feature 6 analog inputs, 10 -Digital 1/0, 1 additional serial port TTL 2 DAC out and PWM out.
  • Bluetooth that range of 30 feet
  • Built-in battery rechargeable
  • Accelerometer sensors and on board light
  • Full colored LED and on board buzzer
  • Customizable firmware and Open source

What must be done with Brainlink?

Brainlinks has various capabilities and open up hundreds of great and potential projects. Here is some of its subset:

  • Amazingly uses voice commands to have the control of your TV
  • Greatly create the Android application which uses object recognition as well as voice analysis to find you a soda- you will have to place your own phone in the robot to make this really work.
  • Wonderfully uses a toy robot as the base to add distance, vision, light, other sensors and sound.
  • Amazingly create the toy robot that has personality which changes over night based on how well you interact with it.
  • Simply create a TV-off Application

Who’s it for?

Although it is really possible to use its pre-made applications in order to use Brainlink in, for example, control mostly toy robots along an Android phone. It is a known fact that this Brainlink will be enjoyed by almost everybody that has only the intermediate programming experience (when you have finished high school or college CS class, you must not have any trouble using this.)

With this development in the new technology it is no wonder that those things that are almost impossible are now made available and possible. So if you want to experience as well as enjoy these things you must get it at once and enjoy its benefits for all!

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