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Download Windows 8 – Pre-Beta Build 8102 Available for Testing

Have a feel what Windows 8 will look like. Download Windows 8 Beta Full Version. The Preview developer version of Windows 8” was formally released by Microsoft at the conference of BUILD Developer.  The Preview windows Developer is the pre-beta translation  of Windows 8 for all its developers, and is really good for the people that are planning to have a production system, in which downloading has included the pre-released software that can change with no prior notice. This newly released Developer Windows 8 has the good model of <Windows 8.8102.0. WINMAIN/win9m#.110825-1030 >or the entire build in <x86> edition of version <6.2 build 8102.101.x86 fre. Winmain/Win8m3.110830-1739>, or saying it is compiled and has signed off last August 30, 2011 which is a build still into M3 brand Development That means that it is really a Pre-Beta

Three models of the downloads are available from Microsoft in MSDN. When you will decide to install  Preview Windows 8 Developer, please note the “PreviewWindows Developer guide.”

  • PreviewWindows developer, <64-bit (x64>”English

Size: GB 3.6
< LINK DIRECT DOWNLOAD >: <PreviewWindowsDeveloper-64bit-English iso>
Note: A file disk image is included (iso) and can install <Preview Windows Developer> and the Metro Style Applications on a <64-bit >Personal computer”.

  • “Preview Windows developer” , <32-bit(x86)>English

Size:  GB 2.8
<SHA-1 HASH>: “4E0698BBABE0IED27582C9FC16AD21C4422913CC”
<Direct Download Link>: WindowsDeveloperPreview-32bit-English.isoTake Note: A file disk image is included < (.iso) to install the Preview Windows Developer and Metro style apps on a 32-bit Personal Computer”>.

  •  PreviewWindows developer with tools developer, <64-bit (x64)> English

Size: GB 4.8
<SHA-1 Hash: 6FE9352FB59F6D0789AF35D1001BD4E4E81E42AF>
Link Direct Download: WindowsDeveloperPreview-64bit-English–Developer.iso

Take Note: The following feature has come on the file disk image <(.iso):64-bit> Preview windows developer, SDK windows for apps Metro style, for Preview windows developer in Blend Microsoft Expression, Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Express and  Metro Style applications 28 and 5 Preview developer and that includes the Conference Build Application.

<Windows 8 has the similar system requirements with Windows seven>:

  •   1 GHz and/or processor faster < 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) >
  •   1 GB (32-bit) RAM or <2 GB RAM (64-bit)>
  •   Space hard disk available < 16GB (32-bit)” or “20 GB (64-bit)>
  •   Graphics  device Direct X9 with < WDDM 1.0 >or driver higher
  •   When taking advantage on touch input it must have a good screen display that will support multi touch.

With software that is pre released, few enhancements are not yet available.  Building Windows 8 blog said that the build preview has not included the windows Store, Metro style  Live Windows applications and few User Interface gives: and that the main focus of this Preview are API and its tools for development for doing Metro Style applications. The following notification was made by Microsoft: “Software is given as it is, and can have the trouble of its use. This cannot be too stable as, you must correctly operate or do the way of the last and software’s final model. It must not be for a production environment’s use. The functionality and features in the pre released software cannot come out on its final and last model. Most product functionality and features may need additional or advances hardware or other software’s installation.”

This is a Beta Version of Windows 8 and don’t need any Activation Key. So we can say its a Full Version of Windows 8 Beta.

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