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Honeycomb Android Tablet Best Free Games [Top 5]

Honeycomb is the best platform available for tablets and we all know that tablets have a quite larger screen than traditional Smartphones.  Many of readers complained about the pixilation and resolution issue while playing game on their tablets. Well in most of the cases, this happens because those application and games were developed for Smartphones and not for tablets. Well nothing much can be done about that, all you need is to get tablet specific games. To help you out we have presented a list games that are exciting to play and developed specifically for Honeycomb platform. Have a look:

Vendetta Online is a visually intensive MMORPG set in space. Players acquire the role of spaceship pilots to accomplish missions across the galaxy. This game is a must to try for MMORPG addicts.

Robotek falls in arcade and action category. This game is about fighting with enemies and gaining points to purchase new weapons. The game is quite simple but graphics are not.  The fun begins on deploying your robots to fight and stealing them from enemy

This game is quite simple with least complications i.e. load your guns and start the firing!

There is High-end 3D graphics, Feint and facebook integration with lot of weapons. You have the option to pair with other Bros on Facebook.

Just like the “impossible creatures” developed by Microsoft. The same follows the same strategy where the player needs to combine qualities of two distinct animals to more ferocious and useful beast.   If you like, the strategy-games we have no problem in recommending it.  Perhaps one of the most interesting games builds ever.

Who has not heard about the legendry “angry birds” game? Quite same! However, this time for tablets. The story is something like the angry birds were kidnapped and sent to Rio de Janeiro, then escape with mission to free other friends.

Enjoy this game of American football in high definition. The quality graphics is great and texture details are superb.  If you are looking for some nice sport action on your tablet, then go for it.

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