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Seven Android Tablets that fits in Your Budget in 2011

MSI Enjoy 7 = ($199)

This MSI is never recognized in excellent design does make immense devices. This Enjoy 7 is not exempted, the tablet that is solid and provides more than any would envisage. There are the some specifications for your information.

-         Display – 512 MB RAM, 1.2 Ghz ARM Cortex
-         Weight – 0.39 Kg (0.87lbs)
-         Storage – Micro SDHC slot, 4GB internal
-         Battery Life – approx.4-5 hours, 4000 mAh
-         Connectivity –2.1 Bluetooth + EDR, mini USB 2.0, mini HDMI, WiFi b/g
-         Audio – Integrated microphone and speakers, headphone jack 3.5
-         Camera – rear –
-         2MP, 2MP front- facing
-         OS – No Android Market,  Gingerbread Android 2.3

This Enjoy 7 is not awkward, with a processor of 1.2 GHz that is powerful at its price. This will suggest this is a nice purchase, and MSI also has mini HDMI, Bluetooth and compacted in a screen capacitive. It also boasts of its dual cameras which are only present with devices of higher-range.

Just like the other budget tablets this has no Market Android too still you will use this by installing Amazon Appstore, GetJar or the other reliable -third –party- marketplaces. It is already ready but we cannot get one yet. In case you find it, inform us if it as excellent in actual like in writing.

Velocity Micro Cruz T408 = ($199.99)

‘Velocity Micro’ is a new participant in the market tablets however they have been well established in the PC for some period already. The ‘Cruz T408’is the current tablet and has compelling reasons why this must be the tablet of everybody’s choice.

-         Display –800 x 600 px, Capacitive Touchscreen, 8-inch
-         Processor – 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz ARM Cortex
-         Size – (206 mm x 168 mm x 13 mm) 8.1” x 6.6” x 0.5”
-         Weight- 0.498 Kg (1.1lbs)
-         Storage – Micro SDHC slot, 4 GB internal
-         Battery Life –  Approx. 8-10 hours
-         Connectivity – Mini HDMI, 2.0 microUSB, Wi-Fi N
-         Audio – Integrated microphone and speakers, headphone jack 3.5
-         Camera – VGA front- facing
-         OS – With Amazon Appstore Gingerbread Android 2.3

With the specifications above deem to make known of its greatness. This tablet has a WiFi N, capacitive screen with 8-inch, and Gingerbread that will encourage you to get a hold like this one. ‘Velocity Micro’ also included a few additional apps has the T408 like the Quick Office, File Manager OI, and Kindle for Angry Birds or Android.

Do not be bewildered with the phases also. That is some themes of Honeycomb which Velocity Micro has been made on the Cruz to make it seem better. The device is a great and wonderful tablet for the computing mobile experiences and has battery life that will work up to ten hours on single charge, providing with continues watching, playing and over socializing until the end of the day.

Viewsonic Viewbook = ($ 164.99)

When you thought about monitors now, monitors are the butter and bread of Viewsonic. The device is a monitor that is not plugged so it is right for an establishment to develop in this market. Below are the specifications of Viewsonic:

-         Display- 512 MB RAM, A 8 1GHz Cortex
-         Size – (208 mm x 132.8 mm x 14.1mm) 8.19” x 5.23” x0.56”
-         Weight – 0.434 Kg ( 0.959 lbs)
-         Storage – MicroSD slot supports up to 32GB, 8GB internal
-         Battery Life-  Approx 6-7 hours 5000 mAh
-         Connectivity -Bluetooth 2.1,Mini USB 2.0,  Mini HDMI, Wi-Fi b/g
-         Audio – Integrated microphone and speakers headphone jack 3.5
-         Camera -VGA, Front facing
-         OS – Froyo 2.2 Android with was created for Amazon Apps.
-         Included Stylus

It has inside former hardware however it is not yet past its value. Having battery life is higher than the average when compared to same devices. The other good feature is the speakers that are front -facing that provide better sounds in comparison with other tablets.

This Viewbook has some good extra specs. There is a camera front facing that’s great for video chat, the HDMI mini for connection to the device to the TV or Bluetooth and monitor for wireless connection, input handset like a console and a   headset that is consistent.

It uses Amazon for its applications although it does not have Android Market such as the Kindle Fire. The screen is very protective like the old touch screens. It is very quick to respond there is an added joystick for best controlling. There is no dragging and pinching since it is protected.

Nonetheless it is really a great device for the people who wish to make mobile computing that will perform their digital works such as reading books, watching movies, checking emails and many more.

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