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Best Free Android Games to Download

Did you know that Android has now up to 4.5 billion apps Android download and these come free of charge? This is really amazing and it comes as a good offering to all their clients and customers. Android downloads apps and games come with high speed and the good news about it is they are free for everybody. Just like the other brands of mobile phone the Android mobile phone is also growing and growing fast. Their sales are reaching its highest peak due to the many features of this mobile phone.

And did you also know that 350,000 devices are being activated everyday according to their sources. That is the reason for its popularity in the United States as well as in other countries of the world like Japan, Korea, and most especially in Europe countries.  This data shows that Android’s usage is also growing and it is growing very fast.

Its great popularity is also proven for the reason of Goggle’s open platform, that it allows their users to easily download apps from several marketplaces like the Goggle’s Android Market, Amazon has just launched an Android App Store some few weeks ago. This is a sign that these brands of mobile phones are now the favorites of many people. And that is a positive point to Goggles side.

In fact due to the announcement from the manufacturer’s of Android there has been coming several exciting products as well as innovations to their platform. And their number of Android downloads are almost similar with the number of devices activated per day. This is what makes the Android platform growing positively and amazingly and that Goggle was benefited into a billion dollars business line through this Android mobile.

Let’s us look at some of the Android downloads right now and let us prove if they truly are the best Android downloads that can outsmart other downloads.

Android Downloads very popular game:

Let us see the Angry Birds game has created excitement in their gaming area. This game has a record number of downloading and this has been the most favorites and successful entertaining games on smart phones. This has outnumbered all other games that have been out in the market today.

Angry Birds is the game that features new levels and as snow filled winter theme, and also the Valentine’s Day contest. We can see that Angry Birds will definitely entertain many users and that’s a fact.

Let us also look at another thing the Unlock Me Free-Android downloads. This is another game that encourages you to go on with the game. This requires you to get out the red box from the board by pushing the other boxes aside. Having 1200 puzzles this Unlock Me Free requires you to have long hours of playing games.

All the additional Android downloads are so good and they are also becoming popular out in the market and are being observed by other mobile phone brands. This is truly an amazing mobile phone- the Android that comes with much downloads.

 Android Games

Best Free Android Games

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